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Residential and Commercial Services:

Safety inspections:
When buying or remodeling a home, it is extremely important tmake sure that the electrical system meets safety standards. This is important not only because of safety concerns but it is the law! 12-Gauge Electric, Inc.  electricians are qualified and trained tmake sure your home meets industry safety standards. Our safety inspections will allow you and your family tfeel safe and secure in your home.

Safety inspections:
When buying or remodeling a home, it is extremely important to make sure that the electrical system meets safety standards. This is important not only because of safety concerns but it is the law! 12-Gauge Electric, Inc.  electricians are qualified and trained to make sure your home meets industry safety standards. Our safety inspections will allow you and your family to feel safe and secure in your home.

When remodeling your home or business, the electrical portion of the job must be performed to code and by competent, knowledgeable, licensed electricians. Lighting must be energy efficient where mandated by Title 24. Wiring must be installed to code, helping to guarantee your safety and security.  We make your home more beautiful through today's technological advances in lighting and electrical systems.

From non-working outlets to damaged panels, 12-Gauge electricians are trained to diagnose and fix any electrical problem you may have. We are resourceful and friendly, and are sure to solve your electrical problem without any headache.

Regardless of how well you maintain your home, time will inevitably have an effect on your electrical system. You may not even be aware, but an old electrical system can present huge safety risks. Your old wires may be worn down or be improperly grounded, which poses risk for electrocution. Additionally, if your home has an old panel, your home may not support today's appliances and electronics higher electrical load requirements. 12-Gauge electricians will help you determine if you need to replace any old wires or panels in order to make sure your home is sufficient, safe and secure.

Electrical Panels and Fuse Boxes
An electrical panel is the core of your entire home electrical system. It divides the main electrical power feed and sends it to secondary circuits in the home. If your panel is not running properly, the electricity in your entire house can malfunction. Federal Pacific Electric panels and certain Zinsco panels are two brands of panels that do not satisfy today's electrical codes. If your home has one of these panels or if the panel you have is more than 40 years old, your home may be at risk. Call 12-Gauge and we will replace your electrical panel.

Appliance Circuits
Though buying new appliances for your home can serve as an excellent addition to your home, you may need to install a new power source to accommodate that new appliance. This often happens when you switch from a gas oven or cooktop tan electric oven or cooktop -or- from a gas to electric dryer.  Whatever the case may be, 12-Gauge electricians will make sure that your new appliance can be installed safely and properly in your home.

Circuit Breakers
A tripped breaker may be caused by a variety of issues. For one, you may have too many electrical lines on one breaker which can cause an overload. A tripped breaker can be caused by a loose wire or a short in the circuit.  An old breaker can also be a cause for a tripped breaker. Whatever the reason is, a tripped breaker should not be ignored. 12-Gauge electricians will troubleshoot to quickly locate the cause of the problem and will repair your tripped circuit breaker.

Security Cameras
It is impossible to sit and watch over your home or business all the time. However, the installation of security cameras (with remote access via your laptop or smartphone) makes it possible to look after your home even when you are not there. 12-Gauge Electric, Inc.will help you keep your home and/or business safe and protected at all times. You can rest assured when you go on vacation or when you are not able to be there to supervise your business. 12-Gauge Electric, Inc. specializes in installing the highest quality cameras so that you won’t miss a thing!

Attic Fan
During the hot summer months temperatures in your attic can reach 150°F.  This hot, trapped air causes great amounts of unnecessary strain on your cooling system. By installing an attic fan (or more than one, depending upon the size of your home and attic space) you can remove this heat, making it easier and more efficient for your air conditioning system to cool your home. 12-Gauge electricians can help you save money and energy by installing an attic fan in your home.

Exhaust Fan
Exhaust fans will improve air quality in your home by removing trapped air and pulling in cool, fresh air from the outside. Furthermore, installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom will not only reduce steamy mirrors and damp walls, but it helps prevent mold, mildew, ruined insulation, wood rot and other problems caused by moisture.


Electrical Outlets (aka Receptacles) and Switches

Dedicated Circuit/Dedicated Line
Oftentimes, people overload their electrical outlets with multiple appliances or surge protectors. Not only does this pose a potential fire hazard, it also reduces the effectiveness of the circuit. Certain medium and heavy duty appliances require their own circuit (also known as a “dedicated circuit" or "dedicated line"). 12-Gauge Electric, Inc. can install dedicated lines in your home to ensure that your circuits are safe and that your equipment continues working in optimal condition.

GFCI Outlet
A GFCI outlet, also known as a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter is used to reduce the dangerous combination of water and electricity. The GFCI Outlet has a "test" and "reset" button in between the areas where you insert a plug. The way that it works is that a GFCI outlet monitors the electric current flowing through the hot and neutral wires. The currents in both wires are normally the same. In situations where any change is detected, the GFCI will cut the power in order to protect the receptacles. Pressing the “reset” button should restore the power. However, if the reset button does not work, the GFCI outlet should be replaced.

Electrical codes require that any bathroom or garage outlet within 6' of a sink must be protected by a GFCI outlet. Kitchen countertop outlets and areas where electricity and water may come into contact must also be GFCI protected. Unfinished basement and most outdoor outlets must also have least one GFCI outlet.

3-way Switches
3-way switches allow you to control lights and half-hot receptacles from two points. For instance, you can operate the light in your bedroom from a switch by the door and another by the bed. You can also use a 3-way switch to turn on or off the lights in your garage from inside the garage or from the inside of your home. The examples are endless, but whatever the need is, 12-Gauge Electric will make turning on the lights in your home as convenient as possible.

Adjusting the level of light in your home allows you to set the mood, update the look and atmosphere in your home, or simply give yourself just the right amount of light. Depending on the occasion, adding a dimmer switch will help you accommodate different uses for the same room. Dimmers are a fantastic yet simple way to adjust the level of light from muted light to full brightness by simply turning a knob, sliding a lever or pressing a button.

Remote Controlled Switches
Turning the lights off once you get into bed or sit down doesn’t have to be a hassle. By installing a remote-controlled switch, you can enjoy the convenience of turning the lights on and off or even dim them from a distance.

Replacing/Moving Light Switches
Whether you need to replace an old light switch, to move your switch to accommodate your new furniture layout, or you just want to upgrade the look of your old style switches and outlets to the newest styles, 12-Gauge can easily replace or move your old light switches.


Recessed Lighting
Recessed lights are a great way to improve and add light to your home. Recessed lights are installed in the ceiling making it appear as if the light is shining from an opening in the ceiling, giving your home a more modern, clean look. 12-Gauge Electric can provide you with a variety of options for recessed lights. Whether you prefer 6” line voltage lights, 4” low voltage lights or any other type of light, we can get the job done beautifully and efficiently.

Different types of Recessed Lights:

6” Line Voltage

6” Fluorescent

6” LED

4” High Voltage

4 “Low Voltage

4” Fluorescent

4” LED

3” Low Voltage 

Landscape & Pool Lighting
Exterior lighting is extremely important and can help you keep your home safe and secure by lighting up dark areas that are susceptible to intruders. Motion detectors will light up the area when anyone passes by. Illuminating paths and driveways can prevent accidents and make your home more secure. Proper exterior lighting is also essential if you spend time outdoors after dark. If you have parties outside at night you may consider lighting up a barbeque area or your pool. Landscape lighting is also a fantastic way to showcase the exterior architectural features of your home and property at night. You can use light in a creative and artistic way to accent certain elements and to dramatize and highlight your landscaping. 12-Gauge Electric can help you determine the best way to light the outside of your home to keep it safe and beautiful.

Lighting Fixtures (aka Luminaires)
12-Gauge Electric can install all types of light fixtures. From chandeliers to sconces, we specialize in installing light fixtures that will illuminate and beautify your home or office.

Types of Light Fixtures:

    • Flat Screen TV's and Home Theater
      From hanging your new Home Theater to installing full home theaters, 12-Gauge Electric can make any room in your home feel like a real theater. We specialize in audio connections, speaker wiring, HDMI cabling, and plasma/LCD/LED TV installations. Call 12-Gauge Electric when you are ready to replace your old video and audio system.
      Phone Lines and Computer Cabling

      Whether you want to add a new phone line or internet connection, 12 Gauge can easily provide this service for your home or office.

      Losing electricity in your home is very inconvenient and can even pose a life or death situation if you depend on medical devices that are powered by electricity. An engine-powered back-up generator is an easy way to supply your house with emergency power. Call 12-Gauge to install a back-up generator to ensure that you are never left without power again.

      Meter bases and Sub-meters
      A meter base is the unit on the exterior of your home that measures the amount of electricity used by the home s that the power company can determine your energy costs. Homeowners should be aware that they, not the city, are responsible for the meter base. If your old meter base needs to be upgraded or replaced, 12-Gauge can upgrade your meter for you.

      Utility sub-metering is a system that allows a landlord of a multi-unit property to determine utility usage for the individual units. 12-Gauge Electric will implement this system so that you can keep track of the utilities.

      Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
      The installation of smoke detectors in all “dwelling units intended for human habitation” is required by California law. The smoke detectors must be approved by the State Fire Marshal. State law requires that each home have operable smoke detectors that are located inside AND outside each sleeping area. The installation of smoke detectors is not only important because of the law, but they are crucial to protect you and your family in the event of fire. If your smoke alarm is not working or if you need to install smoke alarms your residence, call 12-Gauge Electric today!

      A carbon monoxide detector (aka CO detector) is a device that detects the presence of the carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is undetectable  without a carbon monoxide detector. For this reason it is referred to as the "silent killer.” Carbon monoxide detectors measure CO levels and sound an alarm before CO reaches dangerous levels, giving people enough warning to ventilate or evacuate the area.

      Additionally, the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 requires that all residential properties with a fossil fuel burning heater or appliance, fireplace, or an attached garage be equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm. Single-family homes in structures with 1-4 units must be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector effective July 1, 2011, while multi-family residential units must be equipped with a detector by January 1, 2013. This law applies to ALL residences, not just those being sold.

      Though Carbon monoxide detectors do not serve as smoke detectors and vice versa, dual smoke/CO detectors do exist. 12-Gauge can install smoke and CO detectors to protect you and your family from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.